CocciSol Activator

Dilute 1 litre of CocciSol Activator in 5 litres of Water and spray area after using Game Guard.

CocciSol will penetrate the Oocysts destroying the causative agent of Coccidiosis.

Available in 1L, 5L, 20L

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AquaFez tablets are a complete solution to persistent problems caused by water borne diseases that affect pheasants in release pens.

AquaFez tablets produce a powerful biocide that will destroy disease causing organisms including Rotavirus.

For use in 1000L tanks

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Game Guard Disinfectant for use in Poultry and Game

Game Guard is a disinfectant using Advanced Chlorine Dioxide technology. Game Guard destroy 99.9999% of Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Spores.

The technology used in Game Guard disinfectant is not new and are at present used in the following industries: Equine, Agriculture, Poultry and Game, Food processing plants, and many more.  The Chlorine Dioxide application is modified to each individual requirement. The application can be used as Disinfectants, Water Sanitisation, Pipe Cleaning, Treatments. 

By using Game Guard as part of your bio-security programme can reduce hygiene related mortality, increase feed conversion ratios, reduce stress and improve welfare. Game Guard can be used as a disinfectant on all areas of poultry pens.   

When an egg is laid there are approximately 9,000 pores open to the environment.

By using bedding treated with Game Guard the environment created is more sterile therefore giving less chance of bacteria from the environment being drawn into the egg before the pores are closed during the cooling process. By using bedding treated with Game Guard more bacteria and fungi are destroyed giving a better environment for the bird to live and thrive in.

Having a bio-security programme in place reduces diseases that cause illnesses and death