Trus-STEED’s Stable Guard Bedding Treatment

Why use Bedding treated with Stable Guard or Game Guard?

Bacteria and spores found in straw can cause respiratory problems in horses and poultry alike. By treating the bedding in the manufacturing process and destroying bacteria and spores before the straw is baled, you can be confident that the bedding you are using is beneficial to your horse’s health. Also suitable for poultry/game & small animals.


With the added benefit of treating the bedding during the manufacturing process with Stable Guard ensures that the bedding is impregnated with Stable Guard which starts to destroy harmful bacteria, fungi and spores straight away, so as when you open the bag, you are confident that you are giving your horse a bedding that will be beneficial to your horses health. 

The Stable Guard solution used by the manufacturer also contains a bitter agent to deter your horse from eating the bedding.

Hygiene for Health  

The challenging EN13697 surface test protocol which is regarded as a much bigger challenge to pass was no problem for Stable Guard. Stable Guard received a fantastic 7 log reduction against Streptococcus equi (Strangles), and other bacteria species. Meaning a safer environment for you and your horse. Stable Guard destroys 99.9999% of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Spores, and will eliminate odours.


Biosorb anti-bacterial equine bedding is manufactured from superior quality rape straw going through a rigorous process to expose the inner pith, extract the dust and guarantee the best respiratory environment for your horse.

We treat our Biosorb Equine Bedding during the manufacturing process to destroy bacteria and spores before the straw is bailed. Using Trus-Steed’s Stable Guard.

Bliss Bedding is manufactured using premium quality, dust extracted rape straw from uk suppliers whom we have a strong standing relationship with. Bliss Bedding meets high standards of quality control, inspecting and testing the straw at every stage of manufacture, Bliss Bedding is treated with Trus-Steed’s Stable Guard.

Heavenly Bedding is treated with Trus-STEED bio-security treatment. Trus-STEED is an important part of our “special mix”, creating the high quality equine bedding available from Heavenly Bedding. 

During the process bowBed® receives an advanced non-toxic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment. This treatment also prevents unpleasant odours which can be associated with soiled bedding.

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